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We treat the patient, not just their hearing loss!

Experience Hernando and Pasco County’s premier hearing care center today. With sophisticated diagnostic tools available, Davis Family Hearing is equipped to meet every patient’s needs from newborn to senior.

We want to help you or a loved one hear life to the fullest and break the silence of hearing loss. Others can’t see your hearing loss, and we help keep it that way by offering a full range of hearing products from the tiniest and most advanced technologies available to entry-level models to meet any need.

We are providers for all insurances.  Call today to schedule your initial consultation! 

Our Services

At Davis Family Hearing, we take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of hearing services that not only improve your hearing, but your quality of life as well. Whether you already own hearing aids and simply need to have them repaired or you’re coming to us for complete hearing health care, you can rest easy knowing your ability to hear the people and sounds of the world around you is in good hands. Schedule an initial consultation and see what services we can provide for you so you can HEAR THE DIFFERENCE.

Hearing Aids

Hearing loss affects our interactions with others, our relationships, and our overall

Tinnitus Treatment

Unfortunately, many physicians and healthcare professionals tell their patients that nothing can

What patients say about Davis Family Hearing

Hearing is connection, and connection is the beauty of life