Cochlear Implants

Sometimes hearing aids are not enough…

When the hearing nerve is too damaged to give you the satisfaction you are seeking with hearing aids, Davis Family Hearing will determine if you are a candidate for a cochlear implant.  If you are, we seamlessly guide you through the cochlear implant journey. Our doctors will perform a cochlear implant evaluation, coordinate an appointment with an otologist to implant the device, and work with you through the complete rehabilitation process and take over your follow up care post op. We currently work with a variety of top CI surgeons from Gainesville to Tampa Bay for surgical services so we can ensure you will only be seen by the best that Florida has to offer.

How to choose the right cochlear device for you…

Davis Family Hearing offers all three cochlear implant manufacturers:

  • Advanced Bionics
  • Cochlear Americas
  • MED-EL

There are so many options available to make a cochlear implant specific to each patient. Each has features that best fit your lifestyle.

  • Waterproofing
  • Cell Phone Connectivity
  • Television
  • Remote Microphones
  • Connectivity with Hearing Aids
  • and so much more!

Featured Devices provided by Davis Family Hearing

MED-EL Rondo 2 

RONDO 2 is designed to be so easy to use, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. Along with its innovative wireless charging, RONDO 2 has just one simple on/off button and automatically controls volume levels for you. It’s easy to connect to your phone or TV using intelligent wireless accessories, and the compact design means it can be hidden discreetly under your hair.

MED-EL Sonnet

Life can be a handful sometimes. That’s why SONNET EAS is designed for hands-free control wherever you go. Automatic Sound Management 2.0 (ASM 2.0) actively adapts to changing listening environments, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting settings or changing programs. Focus on what you’re listening to, not on which program you’ll need to hear it.

Advanced Bionics Nadía Q90

The Naída CI Q90 sound processor from Advanced Bionics provides unique, groundbreaking features that help you to effortlessly hear better in any environment. The industry’s most advanced sound processor combines new features never before seen in a cochlear implant system, with proven, unique solutions for the best possible hearing wherever you go.

Cochlear Kanso®

The Kanso® Sound Processor is the smallest and lightest off-the-ear sound processor available with two microphones. It has a robust, all-in-one design, with no cables and nothing on the ear to worry about or maintain. All you have to do is press a single on/off button and let the advanced technology take over.

Cochlear™ Nucleus® 7

The Nucleus® 7 Sound Processor features smartphone compatibility and is our smallest and lightest behind-the-ear hearing solution that combines comfort with advanced sound processing technologies. And thanks to the new chip technology, you can enjoy a full, active day with up to 50% longer battery life.

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