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Cheap or Effective: Shopping for Hearing Aids

With the increase of Americans facing hearing loss and degeneration, the audiology industry is growing. More and more individuals are utilizing hearing aids as a way to supplement their hearing. Like many healthcare appliances, hearing aids may only be available at a higher cost than most people are willing to pay, leading consumers to seek out cheaper alternatives to their audiologist’s recommended aids. How effective are these more affordable hearing aids compared to those recommended by audiologists?

Big Box Retailers

Retail outlet store buying hearing aids in bulk vs audiologists from Davis Family Hearing.“Big box” stores are a fixture in modern American culture. These giant supermarkets sell everything from food to cleaning supplies to clothes and more. Even though these companies already have an extremely powerful grip on consumers’ shopping habits, they continue searching for opportunities to grow their product offerings and entice shoppers to spend even more in their stores. Enter healthcare appliances.

Everyone knows that healthcare appliances, especially those that are absolutely necessary to maintain everyday function, can run at high prices. Rather than paying the extra fees you may find at an audiologist’s office, big box stores have cut out the expert consultation costs and now provide appliances like hearing aids at a lower price point. This may sound like a dream come true to many individuals that find it difficult to afford the healthcare costs associated with hearing loss, but it may not always be roses and sunshine for the big box consumer.

Benefits of Audiologist-Provided Aids

Big box prices may be extremely tempting when shopping around for a new hearing aid, but the aid itself may not be right for your situation. The hearing aids provided at your standard big box store don’t take into consideration the fit or effectiveness for your unique hearing loss. As with many healthcare appliances, one size does not fit all.

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Hearing aid behind the ear.

Despite the additional fees associated with a visit to the audiologist, hearing aids acquired from a medical professional can be better calibrated and fitted to your needs. A big box store doesn’t care about the individual and their unique case of hearing loss, while audiologists take the time to get to know every patient and collaborate on developing a treatment plan that will ensure you understand your hearing aid and regain the hearing you lost.

Patients who want a more user-friendly hearing aid may have the option of choosing between analog and digital aids, depending on their preference, and may also receive coaching from a trained audiologist on the device’s operation. With some hearing aid models, audiologists can fine-tune them to filter out unwanted noise like wind, traffic or background voices. More advanced units only available in your local audiologist’s office can also act as Bluetooth headsets, allowing a patient to connect to their smartphone to take calls, stream music or even adjust the aid’s settings from an app on their phone!

When all is considered, the personalized attention, advanced hearing aid models and friendly service every step of the hearing aid fitting process is more than worth the extra money it may cost to purchase a hearing aid through a highly trained and experienced audiologist. You will also avoid spending money on a device that doesn’t meet your needs and address your problems, preventing you from needing to purchase another hearing aid that does.

Davis Family Hearing comparison chart between outlet store and audiologist for hearing aid devices. Latest technology and products.

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Forget those misleading deals on poorly-fitted hearing aids at your nearest big box store. Your health and hearing require a more individualized touch to achieve the hearing results you want. Hernando and Pasco County residents can count on the experts at Davis Family Hearing to help them choose, personalize and perfectly fit hearing aids to meet their goals. Contact us online or call (352) 666-8910 to schedule your appointment for a hearing aid fitting today!

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