Implantable Device Assessment

Davis Family Hearing has a solution for all types of hearing loss, and sometimes hearing aids are not enough. When that happens, do not give up! Davis Family Hearing offers cochlear implants and bone anchored instruments to accomplish what traditional hearing aids cannot. Bone-anchored instruments bypass the outer and middle ear and stimulate the inner ear that houses the hearing nerve directly. These instruments are appropriate for patients who have:

  • Atresia
  • Stenosis
  • Single-Sided Deafness
  • Chronic Middle Ear Disease

What are Implantable Devices?

Sometimes the hearing nerve is so damaged that patients are not able to see enough benefit while wearing a hearing aid, this is when an implantable device can bring patients the speech understanding ability that they are looking for. Implantable devices are a wonderful solution when a patient is having extreme difficulty understanding with their existing hearing aids. These medical devices come in the form of a Cochlear Implant or a BAHA device and depending on the type of hearing loss you have Doctors will determine which option is best for you.

Implantable devices can benefit someone at any age, from pediatric to adult, and we are able to evaluate and treat all ages. When children are born with a severe to profound hearing loss, an implantable device gives them the sound that they need for learning speech and language. This sets the stage for all other learning and helps to prevent children with severe to profound hearing losses from falling behind their normal-hearing peers in school. For adults, an implantable device can provide clarity and restore sound to someone who has had a gradual loss or a sudden loss, which will maintain and build on their neural plasticity to assist in cognitive health and function.

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