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Funny but true...LOL

1 day ago
Photos from Davis Family Hearing's post

Single sided deafness does not discriminate. Our Brandon office audiology assistant Abbey is 22 and has had been deaf in one ear for most of her life. Today we tested her hearing and played with the ... See more

2 days ago

We are still open for all your hearing health needs! We can’t hug you or shake your hand, so we have to get creative! Thanks for stopping by Harry!

2 days ago
Coronavirus Puts Spotlight on Clear-Window Surgical Masks


Now, with coronavirus, more people are wearing surgical masks than ever. That's why it's time to take another look at an obvious solution that should get far more attention: clear-window surgical ... See more

2 days ago

The staff in our Crystal River office surprised Kelsi with a cake in celebration of her birthday and her work anniversary! So sweet and thoughtful!

3 days ago

Everyone please help us welcome Dr. Shannon Booth to team DFH, our newest audiologist in our Spring Hill office! Welcome aboard Shannon! We’re so happy to have you!

3 days ago
Best of the Best Tampa Bay | Tampa Bay Times

We’re at it again! Going for Best of Tampa Bay 2020! Please vote & share daily! We are under the “Health & Wellness” section, subsection “Hearing Aid Center”. Please use the Mariner Blvd ... See more

The best restaurants, best bars, best shopping and best services in Tampa Bay selected by Tampa Bay Times readers.

4 days ago

Everybody please help us wish miss Kelsi a very happy birthday! We hope your day is as special as you are! 🎂 🎁 🎈 🎉 🎊

5 days ago
Cochlear receives FDA approval to lower the age of pediatric cochlear implantation to 9 months

Great news on the pediatric audiology front. Children as young as 9 months old can have earlier access to sound before the brain fully develops! Cochlear Americas

Approval underscores necessity of earlier cochlear implantation for better hearing, speech and language outcomes in children born deaf

6 days ago

Please submit your vote daily for the Best of Citrus! Davis Family Hearing loves our patients! ❤️


advertorial Best of the Best The Citrus County Chronicle is asking you, our readers, to participate in the 2020 Annual "Best of the Best" Reader's Choice Contest for the best people, places, shopping ... See more

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