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Guess who’s back and in action! Abbey reports that she is feeling okay, just a slight headache and happy to be back doing what she loves! ♥️ #welcomeback

Did you know the new Cochlear #OsiaSystem can treat patients with single-sided deafness? Watch Maximizing the Possibilities for Every Patient on #CI2020Online now: #audpeeps #SSD @acialliance @audiologyonline

Dr. Brown is ready to treat your vertigo and balance needs! Patients can ring the bell for successful treatments, letting us and others know you’re feeling better!

Don't miss this @acialliance #CI2020Online session: Candidacy Evaluation for Expanding Indications for Cochlear Implantation, featuring Dr. Terry Zwolan, Dr. Craig Buchman and Dr. Camille Dunn. Watch now: #audpeeps @cdunn1974 @CraigBuchman

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