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With built-in direct #audiostreaming, the ability to control from a compatible #smartphone and up to 40 hours of #batterylife, the #Nucleus7 Sound Processor allows you to connect without compromise.

Lots of action this past Friday at Davis Family Hearing. Life-changing appointments with patients and lots of learning with our awesome staff! #welovewhatwedo

Wilbur was back in the office today and is doing FANTASTIC!!! He reported that he has been quite busy fighting off the ladies now that he can hear again thanks to @CochlearUS and his N7 processor! 😉

A little preventative maintenance can go a long way to ensure you get the most out of your #soundprocessor. Here are a couple of #tips to help you keep #hearing your best.

When the holidays tend to be rough, we at @davishearing take care of each other! Surprise, Dr. Hatcher! We all love you!!

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