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To enjoy the best balance of sounds, select a hearing aid with advanced directionality technology. ReSound ENZO Q offers great speech understanding in noise and improves access to sounds at the front, sides and back.

Explore ReSound ENZO Q today:

Everybody meet Erwin! He has been doing so well with his hearing aids and is just the happiest person! Erwin we absolutely adore your kindness and compassion so please continue to spread it everywhere you can! Welcome to the DFH family!

Ramon can hear on his right side after 63 years of deafness! What a miracle! Thank you, @CochlearUS, for the wonderful invention of the Osia!


Cochlear is now indicated for earlier implantation for #children as young as 9 months old with bilateral profound #hearingloss. Jace Wolfe, PhD, CCC-A, discusses the benefits of earlier implantation. As he says, “With #cochlearimplant technology, we can shoot for the moon.”

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