Dr. Calli Fodor, Au.D.


Dr. Calli Fodor earned her Doctorate of Audiology from the University of Maryland, College Park where she was the recipient of the Excellence in Audiology award for her class. During her scholastic term she completed internships at the following facilities: The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Fort Meade Military Base, and at a local Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist clinic. In 2018 she made her way to sunny Florida to complete her residency at Davis Family Hearing. Dr. Fodor had a wonderful experience with Davis Family Hearing, and we were so pleased when she elected to accept a provider position with us and stay on full time at our corporate office facility.

Dr. Fodor enjoys all aspects of audiology, but has a particular interest in discussing the complex connections between hearing and the brain, including; Sound processing, tinnitus causes, and imbalance/dizziness. Her interest stems from her undergraduate degrees including a B.S. in Neurobiology and Physiology and B.A. in Hearing and Speech Sciences.
Outside of the office, Dr. Fodor enjoys skiing, bike riding, playing the flute, cuddling with her two cats (Annie and Winston), and watching her all-time favorite show, Scrubs!

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