Connecting your phone with your hearing aids has never been easier. Davis Family Hearing can help!

Supplementing Modern Tech Using SmartPhones

Smartphone technology has revolutionized the way we interact with, manage and use other electronic devices – hearing aids are no exception. Smartphone apps have made it possible to control hearing aid functions quickly and remotely, helping users get more out of their aids and making them easier to use.

Controlling Hearing Aids Using Apps

Smartphone apps use Bluetooth and WiFi connections to offer a wide variety of control settings and options that make using hearing aids easier than ever. Apps vary by functionality and capability but generally offer the same array of essential controls and features for hearing aids. Some excellent features of hearing aid controlled apps include:

  • Location Tracker –

    Lose a hearing aid? Apps that connect to your device can help you locate it with precision tracking.

  • Make Remote Adjustments –

    Finding the right sound receiving level for the environment you’re in can be a cumbersome task, especially if you’reConnect your bluetooth to your phone and hearing aids for a hands-free adjustment ability. Davis Family Hearing is here to help! trying to adjust a device while it’s still in your ear. Smartphone apps can remotely adjust your device’s decibel levels, allowing you to test and set a level that’s comfortable for you without requiring you to remove the device from your ear. Multiple tuning options exist to reduce issues like feedback and whistling, providing clearer, unobstructed sound.

  • Signal Stability –

    Bluetooth devices use multiple channels to convey sound, bolstering signal support and reducing signal interference with other channels.

  • Hands-Free Versatility –

    Smartphone apps are fully integrated into phones, combining useful features like phone-to-hearing-aid notifications, allowing you to hear your phone ringing and text notifications channeled directly to your hearing aid.

  • Hearing Screening Capabilities –

    Some apps can administer hearing aid tests to ensure users’ devices are working at their best. The test can determine and automatically set the receiver to the right level or otherwise recommend the user see an audiologist if anomalies appear in test results. Although the hearing screening capabilities of these apps aren’t as thorough as a professionally administered audiology test, it can be useful to let users know when they should seek the services of professionals.

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