Losing your Balance and Nauseated?

You Need a Audiologist!

As children, a favorite retro game at birthday parties was Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Blindfolded, kids were spun round and round, and self-induced vertigo was onset quite rapidly, while the children staggered and lost their balance towards the donkey poster.

As adults, vertigo is not something we’d ever like to induce upon ourselves, and for those that suffer from the disorder, there is nothing they would want more than to stop the spinning and dizziness when the episodes strike. The hours and sometimes multiple days of nauseating symptoms are very often unbearable.

What is Vertigo?

Numerous disorders can cause vertigo, but most commonly it is associated with either vestibular or peripheral disorders.
Brain connection disturbances can cause vestibular disorders. The cerebellum and brainstem control eye movement and balance. These areas of the brain govern the connectivity and perception of both vision and equilibrium. Symptoms can involve disrupted balance, dizziness, or both, at some time.

An issue in the labyrinth of the inner ear causes peripheral disorders. The inner workings of the ear communicate with the brain in response to the gravitational pull and motion of the body. These connections and communications tell the brain when there are any vertical changes like standing and sitting. Inflammation from infections or irritants can cause the transmission to become disrupted and exacerbate the symptoms associated with vertigo.

Vertigo Symptoms:


  • Balance and gait issues
  • Ear congestion
  • Head and neck aches
  • Migraines
  • Lightheadedness
  • Motion sickness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Spinning sensation
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear)
  • Falling

Not only are the symptoms debilitating, but they are also dangerous, especially for the elderly. It’s dangerous to leave vestibular disorders untreated. If you have balance issues, your likelihood of suffering a fall with possible complications like broken bones, or impingements, which cause limited range-of-motion is much higher. Not to mention that the unpleasant side effects of nausea and painful headaches can be alleviated through the proper treatment, which will help you to get back to living a good quality of life.

Vertigo Treatment

Depending on the cause of your vertigo, treatment options can range from specialized therapy to prescriptions.

At DAVIS FAMILY HEARING, our team of experienced, board-certified audiologists and caring staff are unwavering in their commitment to helping West Central Florida patients of all ages hear the world around them clearly, quickly and with confidence.

At Davis Family Hearing, we offer a comprehensive suite of hearing and balanced services that will not only improve your hearing but your quality of life as well.

• Diagnostic hearing evaluations
• Vertigo and Balance testing and treatment
• Hearing aid fittings
• Tinnitus treatments (ringing in the ears)
• Ear wax removal
• Cochlear implant evaluations and mapping
• Assistive hearing technology other than hearing aids
• And much more

Davis Family Hearing offers a comprehensive array of hearing and balance products, and services tailored to meet each patient’s hearing needs, lifestyle and budget. When it comes to something as serious and personal as your hearing, it’s imperative to find an audiology team you fully trust and feel comfortable around.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Vertigo or other hearing-related issues please schedule an appointment at one of our three convenient locations, please call us today at (352) 666-89l0.

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